NAPLA - The Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors

Preliminary Conference Schedule

Tentative Schedule for 2018 NAPLA Conference at Quinnipiac University School of Law (QUSL)

Monday, June 18

Noon-3:00:  Registration, QUSL foyer

2:00-5:45:  New Prelaw Advisor training (including 15 minute break, coffee provided by QUSL)

6:00: buses depart for dinner offsite

9:00 (approximately): buses return to hotels

Tuesday, June 19

8:30 buses depart hotels for QUSL

8:30-1:00: registration, QUSL foyer

8:45-11:15: New Prelaw Advisor training, coffee provided by QUSL

10:45: buses depart hotels for QUSL

11:00-Noon: tours of QUSL, meet in foyer

12:00-1:00: lunch, QUSL cafeteria

1:00-2:00: plenary session, remarks by QUSL dean

2:00-3:15: NALP presentation by James Leopold

3:15-3:30: break, coffee provided by QUSL

3:30-5:00: first set of concurrent sessions

5:00-6:15: law fair, QUSL law library

6:15: lobster bake at QULS

8:00 -9:00: buses return to hotels on a continuous basis

Wednesday, June 20

8:30: buses depart Best Western for Yale Law School (YLS)

9:00-9:30 tours of YLS

9:30-10:30: plenary in YLS auditorium, remarks by YLS dean, talk by Akhil Amar

10:30-10:45: break

10:45-12:15: second set of concurrent sessions

12:15-1:15: lunch at YLS

1:30: buses depart for University of Connecticut School of Law (UCSL)

3:00 (approximately): buses arrive at UCSL

3:00-3:30: tours of UCSL

3:30-5:00: third set of concurrent sessions

5:15: buses depart for Wadsworth Athenaeum Museum of Art

5:30: opportunity to see art

6:30: dinner begins, talks by UCSL dean and a State Supreme Court Justice

8:45 (approximately): buses leave Hartford to return to hotels

Thursday, June 21

8:30: buses depart hotels for QUSL

9:00-10:30: fourth set of concurrent sessions

10:30-10:45: break, coffee provided by QUSL

10:45-12:15: fifth set of concurrent sessions

12:15-1:00: lunch, QUSL cafeteria

1:00-1:30: NAPLA business meeting in QUSL cafeteria

1:45-3:00: LSAC presentation by Vivian Bowden

3:00: conference ends

Full Conference Schedule

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